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Whether you’re from a traditional art background and wish to move to digital or you are a newbie who wants to master the principles and employ them in the digital medium, this course has you covered. From ideas and theories to tools and techniques, here is your introduction to digital production. The Digital Art Course looks at what art is and the methods it is transmitted. It goes into art theory (with a concentration on a few sub genres including formalism, imitational, and emotionalism), and the creative process, including an exploration of the psychology driving creativity and how to express this in your digital art. We’ll also guide you through the tools you may use to make digital art and what to consider when purchasing a drawing tablet.

We’ll cover the characteristics of art including colour, space, form, value, and texture, the eight principles of art, including emphasis, movement, proportion, and contrast, and colour theory, covering colour vocabulary and models, and the many primaries. The Digital Art Course will also walk you through digital ways for designing people, landscapes, and still life drawing. You’ll be educated in studying the human form and proportions, sketching on location and painting landscapes, and how to employ composition, noticing stuff, and drawing what you see.

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