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You’ll learn how to produce films and why small businesses should make them. You’ll also learn how to utilise video as a marketing tool, how to establish a strategy around their utilisation, and how to distribute and promote films on social networks. Before teaching “how,” the course explains “why.” You’ll discover why video is a popular format, how to use it to develop trust and exposure, and the link between video and SEO and viral videos. You must evaluate video kinds, objectives, and how they might aid your company. The Create Marketing Videos for Business Course will walk you through this and provide advise on video duration, prices, and performance indicators.

How to Create Marketing Videos for Business Course will help you establish a video marketing plan. You’ll learn to identify your audience, choose shape and content, and assign roles. The course will instruct you on the tools you’ll need to generate the films you want for your business. The training covers different cameras and equipment you may need to successfully capture your thoughts. Also covered: premium and free editing software. For a seamless shoot, execute all pre-production duties. How to Create Marketing Videos for Business Course leads you through building checklists and shot-lists. This involves budgeting, generating a video treatment, storyboarding, and writing, and choosing a venue and organising backdrops, permissions, sign-offs, and plan Bs. Here, you’ll learn video composition, lighting, and audio production skills. Framing and basic camera manoeuvres are also covered.

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