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This course covers everything in manageable courses that will take you from beginner to designer to business owner in your own time and at your own speed. This course will cover a short intriguing history of jewellery, jewellery design considerations, material manipulation and treatment, usage of tools and resources safely to make art, inspiration and a creative technique to convert drawings into polished items, how to get your business off the ground, including handling customer requests and offering your designs for sale in a number of different formats. 

Course Content

Section 1: Jewellery Making as A Career & History of Jewellery
Section 2: How to Design Jewellery
Section 3: How do you create a variety of jewellery
Section 4: Jewellery Material
Section 5: All the necessary tools and supplies
Section 6: Designing
Section 7: Make your own jewellery now!
Section 8: Outsourcing Production
Section 9: Getting ready for your future career
Section 10: Employment
Section 11: Entrepreneurship
Section 12: Order-fulfillment
Section 13: Design Sales
Section 14: Internet-based sales

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