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This Aromatherapy Course explains its origins, development, and contemporary status. Aromatherapy’s anatomy and physiology are also covered. You’ll study the delicate body and its activities. You’ll learn about auras, chakras, vibrations, spirit, and meditation to access your subconscious. Alternative and traditional medicine are studied. Essential oils contain plant energy and medicinal chemicals. Essential oil usage, dilutions, and aromatherapy cautions and contraindications are covered. You’ll learn about essential oils, carrier oils, and making your own mixtures. The Aromatherapy Diploma Course includes 12 essential oil films.

Course Content

Section 1: History of Aromatherapy
Section 2: Limbic Lobe and Olfactory Pathway Curative Powers
Section 3: The Sense of Touch
Section 4: The Holistic Approach
Section 5: Essential Oils: How to Use Them
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