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You will have a thorough understanding of dressmaking and fashion design from this course. You will be taken through the topic’s concepts and history, idea generation and presentation, design process, familiarisation with the supplies and equipment you’ll need, and making your own clothes.

You must understand where fashion has come from and how it got to where it is now if you want to appreciate it more. You’ll examine how the fashion business has had to evolve as a result of societal and economic developments. You’ll discover the abilities needed for success, the various vocations and specialties within the sector, as well as the advantages of a formal education in fashion.

Aesthetic principles form the foundation of good fashion design. The fundamentals of aesthetics, such as proportion, balance, harmony, rhythm, repetition, radiation, scale, gradation, emphasis, and contrast, will be covered in detail. You will see from this how crucial good aesthetics are to developing and honing innovative components in fashion.

Form, shape, texture, pattern, colour, and lines. These components determine a dress’ characteristics and set one style apart from another. You will develop an understanding of each of these components and how they work together by taking the Fashion Design and Dressmaking Course.

Before a garment is made, it’s critical to have the ability to accurately communicate your thoughts. You will learn how to convey your ideas using hand sketches and computer software, as well as what information to include for various markets, in this course.

A thorough understanding of the design process is essential for success in fashion. The Fashion Design and Dressmaking Course explains the value of being able to anticipate fashion trends, find inspiration, and develop ideas utilising colour boards and sketchbooks.

The course walks you through the process of dressmaking and drafting a client brief so that you can understand exactly what they want and assist them in making selections. You’ll learn how to research the wearer’s anatomy, create the outfit, and choose the right materials and accents.

A standard sewing kit contains the majority of the essential tools needed for dressmaking. The Fashion Design and Dressmaking Course walks you through all of the tools you’ll need, explaining their significance and uses for anything from safety pins to dressmaker’s dummies.

You will gain knowledge of the numerous types of fabric, their unique characteristics, typical applications, methods of maintenance and preparation, as well as the additional materials incorporated into the design of various clothing. The course explains some of the tools and procedures used to mark and cut cloth, as well as how much fabric is needed to make several traditional items including skirts, dresses, and blouses.

Manual sewing and machine stitching are your two options for putting your clothes together. The Fashion Design and Dressmaking Diploma Course discusses some of the sewing-related tools, gives illustrated instructions for some fundamental manual stitches, and demonstrates how to operate a sewing machine.

The course offers traditional layouts for popular clothes such dresses, skirts, shirts, trousers, and jackets in addition to everything you will learn about fashion and dressmaking. The course covers the design of each layout, as well as what you’ll need and how to construct each one.


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